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The All New Amazon Echo Second Generation: Is it Worth It?

The Amazon Echo 2. Is this the must of have item for your home

Now, Amazon came out with the Amazon Echo system two years ago, and it’s certainly made a huge difference in the realm of virtual assistants. With so many new features, it definitely can help make your life a whole lot smarter. But, there were a few problems, some in which were definitely important to look into, and that’s why the Amazon Echo Second Generation is so important. But how does it match up? Does it work well when compared to the original Amazon Echo system? The answer is yes, and I certainly can vouch for that. Here is why the Amazon Echo Second Generation is one of the best, and why you should definitely consider this, if you want to upgrade your Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo 2

Amazing style

Now, the first thing I noticed when it came to the second generation of the Echo system, was how pretty it was. Now don’t get me wrong, the first generation is sleek and stylish, but it looked almost like something out of freaking Blade Runner, not really the most attractive piece of hardware. However, this time around, you can choose between various options, including the following:

  • Classic style
  • Veneers
  • Fabrics

That’s right, you can get an Echo to match your home, based on the veneer and fabric. For example, I really liked the heather gray one. I ordered that, and it came in just a few days. And let me tell you, it’s utterly astounding. I felt like I was totally looking at a new life, a new form, and a new way of using Alexa. The best part: they look like something you could get at freaking Ikea, so it definitely is worth investing in if you want an Echo system that fits your home. The only downside is that once you choose, you can’t take it back, so keep in mind what colors you’re getting and do choose one that fits your home however you want it to.

The Alexa system

Now. I love Alexa. It’s weird, but if you’ve ever wanted a system where just the mere mention of something will get the assistant to do it, this is for you. at first I was slightly doubtful of the Alexa system. Like, could this really do a whole lot for me? The answer, is yes, and the second generation Echo does support many different skills. You can even do the following:

  • As for music
  • Add timers
  • Ask questions
  • Make calls
  • Check scores
  • Look at the news
  • Control your home
  • Get flash briefings to wake you up

There is so much more to this as well. For example, I love to order pizza, but I hate having to find my phone. I can just ask Alexa to open up the skill, place an order, and bam, there you go.

It also comes with all of the other features that many of the other Echo systems has, minus the screen that the Echo show has, but that’s not a problem, because you can literally Bluetooth hook it up to the TV or stereo, and then bam, you have a great speaker and television system. It’s so nice, and you can watch movies and shows right in the comfort of your home.

Now, the best part about Alexa is how easy she is to navigate. She’s become streamlined, which is what I like. There were complaints in the past of how inefficient the Alexa system was, and the second generation of the Echo manages to take these complaints and fix them really, which is what I like. Plus, there are enhanced features as well, which I truly enjoy.

So if you’ve been wanting Alexa, I would say now is a better time than ever. You’ll be able to get this system, get the help that you need, and the like, and you’ll be able to truly get the results that you want, without too many problems as well.

Play Music anywhere

One thing that was nice was the music capabilities of this. sure, playing from my computer is great and all, but the cool part about Alexa, is so long as the skill for the music streamer is enabled, you can actually play the music that you want to play just by telling Alexa.

Amazon Echo 2

You can choose by song, genre, or even artist. Now, when I first started with this, I just used Amazon music. It was simple, but then, I got curious, and so I started to use Pandora, which is great really, and from there, I tried out Spotify as well, and I personally love all three of these. Alexa makes playing music easy.

Now, another great thing about this new system, is multi room music. You have a jack in this one to connect to a Bluetooth speaker, but if you have other Echo devices, such as the Echo Dot or even the Tap, or even a first generation of this device, you can connect it to play in different rooms.

There are many things that the Echo can play, not just music, including the following:

  • Audiobooks
  • Old radio shows
  • Radio stations
  • Music streaming sites
  • Movies
  • Television shows
  • And more

You can have Alexa connect to all of these, and so long as they’re able to be connected to the devices you want them to connect to, it’s pretty awesome.

Calling Made Easy

One feature I didn’t expect to like was calling with the Echo device. But, I noticed that it makes things super easy.

I work from home, and I often don’t like to speak with my phone glued to my ear, and let’s face it, the speakers on phones can be annoying. Plus, I like to let my phone charge while I’m working, and it’s in the other room. But, if I get a call, I can answer it immediately.

This is super nice, because I can connect my phone contacts to this, and so long as they have Alexa, this is totally possible. It’s remarkable, and I can do a lot.

Alexa can do the following for you, which I personally enjoy:

  • Send calls
  • Send texts
  • Receive calls
  • Receive texts

Another great thing, is that since I do have another living in my home, they don’t receive my calls or texts. This makes it so much easier, and less messy for me. I like that the profiles can be changed as well, simply by telling Alexa to do so.

Speakers Made for Music

The biggest upgrade that I’ve noticed, since I’ve played around with the Echo system, are the speakers and the microphones.

The speaker is new, and while I wouldn’t recommend this for a lone house party, if you want to listen to something from all the way across the room, you totally can. I tried this actually. I sat in the room, played some music, and went all the way on the other side. The coolest part, is the Echo is so strong, that it plays it so well, and you’re getting omni dimensional audio, which I love. It is super crisp, and super amazing, which is what I enjoy.

The speaker is Dolby processing, which allows for the crispness, and the bass response to be very loud and dynamic. That means that you’re getting something strong, and something that plays well.

I like that the speaker is good. One of the biggest complaints I had with the old system, was that factor. But, since it’s better now, I would say it’s definitely an upgrade that helps, and if you need something right away, then you certainly can get it. it definitely does its job, and it does it so well.

I mean, if you’re an audiophile like I am, and someone that likes to listen to music while working, this is perfect. Alexa does listen to your demands, and she listens to them really well.


A Microphone that Rivals No Others

Another huge upgrade, and probably the biggest upgrade, is the microphone. Go onto any website, and you’ll see people complaining about how the microphone is. That Alexa doesn’t pick it up, and that some have had to move their microphones from high traffic rooms just to pick Alexa up and tell her what you want. while you can do that, I don’t really recommend it, but the new generation of Echo does what the first generation doesn’t.

It picks up what you want it to pick up. If you want the Echo to pick up your voice from across the room, it will be done. it can be done from far away as well. There is a new beamforming technology that’s used to signal all of this, allowing you to use this whenever you want it to. Now, if you ask Alexa a question, Alexa will hear you with this one, which is a huge upgrade from the last one. It’s nice to have, especially if you’re in a room with a lot of noise. My biggest complaint with the last version, was the fact that I would have some noises going, such as the television, and nothing could be heard. But, with these various features, it allows you to not only be able to get a better sound system from this, but it definitely is so much nicer as well. These features include the following:

  • Beam forming technology
  • Noise cancellation
  • Over seven microphones to enable

All three of these features give the Echo something to use in order to hear what you have to say. You can literally be heard from every single direction that you want to be heard in, even if you’ve got music going, which is the best part. There are so many great features to this, and you definitely will love the microphone itself.

Amazon Echo at a Price You Can’t Beat

Probably the biggest and best part of this, is the price itself. The price is about 100 dollars, which is honestly half of what the original used to be, so you’re nabbing a deal on this. but not only that, compared to the other Echo systems on the market, minus the Dot and Tap, it’s the cheapest one. Right now, if you’ve been considering getting an Echo system of whatever sorts, this is the best time to do so.

Not only that, if you’re fortunate enough to have a space that is big enough to house two of these Echo systems, it can be given to you in a bundle deal for 155 for both of these. That’s a steal, and in truth, for less than 80 bucks for each of them, it’s worth it.

I love the Alexa system, because you can do so much. From controlling your home with the smart home system, to even playing music, there is a lot that it has to offer. Now, if you already have an Echo system, it might not seem like a jump in terms of upgrades, but I enjoyed the upgrades, even though they might not be worth it for some people. But, I will say this, the Echo system is astounding, and there are so many amazing features to choose from, that even if you don’t really play music or watch movies, there is a lot that is there to be chosen from. Plus, the Echo is capable with other Echo systems which means that you’re totally getting a whole functional smart assistant system for a great price.

The Echo Second Generation is proof within itself that the Echo system has changed the smart home system. As for if it’s worth it, I would definitely say yes, yes it is, and for many of us, with the advent of this, you’ll be able to have this personal assistant right at your disposal, and it makes a great gift not only for your loved ones, but for yourself to change your home to a smart one.


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