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The Fire Stick with the Alexa Voice Remote: A New Way to Watch TV

For many people, using a remote to control their TV seems normal, right? Well, you may not know this, but one of the newest products that has recently come into play, is the Fire Stick, and it comes with an Alexa-controlled remote. I tried out this product, and honestly, it changed my life, and here are some of the great reasons why you should consider getting the Fire Stick with a remote.

What is the Fire Stick?

So the first thing that you might ask is what is a Fire Stick? Well, it’s kind of like getting all of your favorite shows right at your disposal, with just a little stick. If you’re tired of having boxes and wires like crazy, and you just want to watch your favorite TV shows, then you can do so with this. If you have subscriptions, then you can get so much more out of this too.

Fire Stick

With this, it comes with the following:

  • The Alexa remote
  • The Fire Stick
  • An Echo Dot if you want to control it using an Echo

Now, the evolution of Alexa has changed all of this, and the Fire Stick now gives you premium TV shows and programming without having to spend a ton of money on expensive packages. There is a huge list of what you can watch, and one of the best things about this, is that you don’t even have to use this for just movies and TV shows.

Alexa can help you do so much more, and with all of these features, you can do a lot with this. Plus, there are other additional things you can get as well, such as music and TV subscriptions, so that you can be plugged into your favorite shows right away.

This is one of the fastest streamers out there, and it’s certainly worth it if you want to have a whole lot of content right at your disposal.

A Whole lot at your Disposal

I’m not lying when I say that there is a lot here at your disposal. This isn’t just some Amazon gimmick where you only get Amazon television. No, you can get thousands of different channels, various apps, and you can even control various skills and the like with this. We’ll go over how Alexa plays a part in this later, but probably my favorite part of this is the sheer amount content that you get.

Fire Stick

I was expecting to maybe get a few channels here and there, but this did away with my old cable provider. I could get the following, and it certainly made things better:

  • Disney channel
  • ESPN
  • Netflix
  • Hulu,
  • HBT
  • YouTube

There are so many more channels that you can get with this, and by simply installing the skills, with the right subscriptions, you have a lot of television waiting for you. I like to have variety, and for the price that you’re paying for this, it’s so much less, and I don’t feel as guilty about paying money for television anymore.

Controlling with Alexa

The coolest part about this, is that you get Alexa. Alexa is a smart assistant, who I will say straight up, makes your life way easier. Now, controlling stuff with your voice can be a bit…weird so to speak. It’s definitely not something I was used to initially. But, once I started to ask Alexa questions, I found out that it wasn’t too bad.

Now, you can ask Alexa to find something for you, or launch an app. That’s the simple way of using her. But, there is so much more you can do with this, including the following:
– play music with either Amazon Music Unlimited or even your own personal playlist

  • Order pizza and other foods
  • Confirm Ubers and taxis so that you don’t have to do that
  • Get weather and traffic reports
  • Find out movie show times

And there is so much more. The capabilities of Alexa are pretty great, and having this simple remote can change your life. Now, if you have an Echo, it does make this system even better, but the best part about the Fire Stick coming with a voice remote, is that you don’t need to invest in one right away. I considered this a sort of “baby step” towards getting one, but I love this system.

Fire Stick

Do Away with Cable or Satellite dishes

Now, one of the things I utterly hated about cable TV, were the annoying satellites that you needed to install, and just how godawful some of these companies are. Seriously, I was so happy to get this to do away with the problems that I’ve had with these companies, and the messy fixes.

Now, how can you still get premium cable TV content, or even satellite TV with this? Well, it’s possible because you can get something called DirecTV Now, and also something called CBS All Access. These two programs will allow you to have this, right from the comfort of your Fire Stick. It includes the following, and so much more:

  • HBO
  • AMC
  • ESPN
  • FOX

And other major networks. That means, if you do have some network TV shows that you would love to watch, they’re right there. You don’t have to buy a huge box or a satellite, and everything is just way easier. Plus, if it doesn’t have a channel in this, there is a strong chance you can find it on Netflix or Hulu, so there are so many more options. It’s a great way to get off of having to fully rely on cable, which I personally liked.

Third Party Apps Galore

Now, there are over 190 channels, which means that there are thousands of various shows and movies that you can watch. but, it doesn’t have to be limited to a few. The Fire Stick supports three of the biggest juggernauts out there in terms of personal movie and show streaming, and they are as follows:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Video

Now, I am someone with just these three subscriptions, and that’s what I started with. However, with these three, you can have access to so much content already. If you’re a bit hesitant about getting a whole bunch of DirecTV packages, or maybe you just don’t want to, then you can start with this. There are other third-party apps that are out there too, and they can give you access to more and more television shows.

For many of us, having a cable or satellite dish is something that is starting to become old hat. With this, I discovered you just get a whole lot more for a better price. Plus, most of the shows that I like are on these three services, and I noticed that it comes with some killer original series as well. And with this, you can simply plug in, and get the various content that you want.

Prime Membership: gives you way more

One of the biggest things that I do suggest getting, especially if you do a whole lot of online shopping, is a Prime membership. But I wouldn’t suggest Amazon Prime just for the killer shopping, I also would suggest it because it makes the Fire Stick so much better. With this, you get Amazon Prime Video, and that means that you get thousands of movies and shows right at your disposal, all of them free with Prime. I certainly found a lot that I really liked, and you can get so much, including the following:

  • Original series
  • Thursday night football
  • Amazon channels
  • Shows and movies that are put on Amazon Prime Video

And so much more. You get a whole lot.

Now, another great part about this is that you also get Prime music. This is a free service for Prime members, and you get access to thousands of songs. You can create a playlist for yourself, up to 250 different songs, and if you want way more you can always get Music Unlimited to help you with this.

Now, the best part about these, is that they are also ad-free. You’re not paying for annoying informercials to be streamed in your face. That’s probably the best part about going through with the Fire Stick, and it’s what I enjoy. If you think about it, for every half-hour of television, there is usually about 5-7 minutes of commercials. Those add up after a while, and if you’re watching something on normal cable TV, that does eat away at the time a whole lot more. With this, you can stream ad-free, which is pretty awesome, and you can totally enjoy this at your own leisure. It’s something that I totally love, and something I suggest if you’re someone who hates add-ridden television shows and movies.

Easy to install!

Probably the last point, and one of the best points about this, is that it is super easy to install. To use this, you first need to have a secured Wi-Fi connection. From there, you plug this into the HDMI port, turn this on, and you’ll then be given the home screen. You’ll need to fill out a few credentials, but it’s nothing too bad. Once that’s all said and done, you can simply use this however you please.

With this, it will do the following whatever you are in your home:

  • Remember your WIFI password
  • Remember where you left off
  • Play accordingly so long as you’re synced up to the Alexa remote

That’s pretty neat, but if you’re wondering how this fares if you leave the home, it’s actually not too bad. I’ve brought my Fire Stick over to a friend’s house before, and I sat down with them, asked for the WIFI information, and once it was all plugged in I put those details in, and then, we watched a show that we ended on the last time that we saw one another. You can literally pick up where you left off, and it’s super nice, since I don’t have to skip around for the location, or even the episode of our favorite shows.

I even brought this to travel one time. I was going on a vacation for a few days, and I like to watch stuff on my laptop, but it’s limited. However, my hotel room had a nice television, so I simply plugged it into the wall, plugged it into the port, and then, I streamed it. I realized from this point forward that it’s one of the best ways to take it all on the go, and I definitely don’t mind it.


The Fire Stick is revolutionary in so many different ways. I will say this, if you’ve been considering the idea of getting one of these, now is the time. They’re super cheap compared to other systems that are out there, and with the price that you’re paying, it will make everything so much easier for you. If you like to stream movies, shows, or even music, right from the comfort of your home, definitely do this. The best part, if you really like the Alexa system, being able to control it with just your voice, then you can get an Echo with this as well, and it certainly is pretty great.

The future of watching television is here. Gone are the days with messy satellites that are nestled on top of our homes, and now is the time to finally use some of the great technology that we have to offer. The Fire Stick is a great piece of technology straight from Amazon, and the fact that you can stream all of this instantly makes it even better for all of us, and it eases the convenience of having streaming services right at your disposal for you to use constantly.

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