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Gamefly: Truly the Best Way to Rent Games

Gamefly #FTW ?

As a gamer, I often come to the crossroads where sometimes I want to try out a game to see if I like it, but I don’t want to own the game if I dislike it and then get stuck with it. I’ve often struggled with this, and I certainly do wish there were better ways to go about trying out games to see if I like them, or even just renting games. I do already have a lot that I own, but I like to rent things and play them at my own pace. Well, Gamefly is the answer to that. It gave me a chance to rent and try out new games, and it’s a ton of fun. It gives me a chance to see if I like a game enough to own it, and even if I don’t, I definitely do love the fact that I can return it. It’s all for a set monthly fee too, which is what I enjoy. So lets take a look and see if Gamefly = #ftw .


No Late Fees

Probably the biggest benefit to this is the fact that there aren’t late fees.

If you’ve ever rented from say Family Video, or maybe from Redbox, they give you like two days to try it, and then they start nailing you with late fees. Or maybe a week or so. Plus, it’s the fact that renting games and videos is something that you can’t find easily these days. Blockbuster is obviously out of business and has been for years, and most services want you to actually buy the game instead of just renting it for a bit. But, with Gamefly, you can actually rent these games for however you want, and all you need to do is pay a monthly fee.

How it works is simple:

• You ask for a game
• They send it
• You play it
• When done, you’ll send it right back

What’s great about this, is that for longer games, or games I just want to have for a long time to complete everything, I don’t have to worry about bringing it back. Maybe I did end up liking the new game to the point where I want to play around with it for a while. Well, I can rent it for a month, bring it back, and I don’t have to pay any late fees and such. I just have to pay the monthly fee, but it’s way cheaper than renting from a video or game store, that’s for sure, and it’s got free shipping.

Tons of Options

There are tons of options. Another great thing about this, is that you can get a lot of great options and content, all for a great price. You’re not limited to just the newer systems. While the newest and hottest games are out there, you can also get ones that haven’t been really played for a bit.

For example, I did pick up the new Monster Hunter game, but I also never got to play Super Mario 3D World. Well guess, what? I could rent both, and I do enjoy both of those games.

Some of the games that you can rent are on the following systems:

• PlayStation 4
• Switch
• Xbox One
• PlayStation 3
• Wii-u
• 3Ds
• PS Vita
• PSP Games
• PSP Movies
• PlayStation 2
• Xbox

That’s right, you can go all the way back to the Game Boy Advance days if you really want to. That’s something that I actually do like a lot.

I play both the newer stuff, and the classic stuff. But here’s the thing, most game stores only get the newest and hottest stuff. While that’s great, I do like to sometimes play something a little bit older. But, with Gamefly, I’m given a chance to do that, and for a great price too.

You Can Stream Too!

One new thing that I learned about Gamefly, is the fact that you can stream you content. This is something that I really like, because it opens the realm of gaming to a lot of people. It does help as well get people more into gaming because it does the following:

• Doesn’t require a console
• Doesn’t require a huge gaming PC
• Has a lot of greet games for everyone
• You can start playing immediately
• You can subscribe to packs to get some great games

With this, you really just need a gaming controller and an internet connection. This does take out the need for a console in some cases. They get expensive, and with a lot of them not having backwards capability, it essentially means that your home is going to be littered with them. With Gamefly, you’ll be able to take that out, and you’ll be able to play games. If you have a streaming service, or even a smart Tv, you’ll be able to do it.

Some of the compatible TVs include the following:

• Amazon Fire TV
• Samsung Smart TV
• LG Smart TV
• EMTEC Gembox


If you have one of those, you’ll be able to play many of these games. 

This allows you to access the cloud game saves too. One thing I did learn when gaming is sometimes having automatic game saves can save you. well with Gamefly you now can have that. It’ll be saved on the cloud, and you’ll be able to get started.

Plus, it also gives me ease when it comes to co-op playing. Sometimes, it can be quite hard setting up multiplayer, but with this, you literally just sit on your couch and play in the same room with someone, and all you need is a second controller.

The pack of games that you can get also does help too. It gives you stuff relevant to your interest, which is what I really like. It’s nice to have a set of games right at your disposal that are catered to your interest, and in general are actually interesting.

So yes, the streaming service is definitely one of my favorite things to recently come with Gamefly, and plus, if you already have another service such as maybe Amazon Fire TV, you’ll be able to play these games instantly with the game controller, which I do think is pretty cool.

Xbox One

Gamefly has tons of games for the Xbox but you might not have one or any system to take advantage of the Gamefly  and limitless games. So read our article on how you can sign up for a chance for an Xbox One. Click here to learn how.

They’re Super Fast!

If you’re worried about them taking forever with this, don’t. They’re arguably one of the fastest services that I’ve used when it comes to getting something shipped to me.

In general, the process happens like this:

• I choose a title
• They rush it to me
• They rush it for free
• I get it

That’s right, the shipping is free in this case. I definitely don’t feel like I have to wait a super long time in order to get a game. I realized with this, sometimes if I order a game early on, such as Monday or so, I’ll have it by mid-week. It’s that fast!

I also don’t have to pay for shipping, which is nice. I don’t have to worry about accruing more fees than I would have already with this. That’s what’s so easy about it, and that, combined with the no late fees option, does make it pretty nice.

I honestly feel like this is similar to the Amazon Music Unlimited or the Kindle Unlimited services that other companies have. But, this one specifically works for games, which is something that I enjoy.

Plus, having it physically in a sense feels nice. I do feel like I’ll actually get it done. while I have used steam in the past to buy games, a lot of times they just sit there, and I don’t really work on it. I definitely do appreciate that this is so easy, and I know that I can keep it for as long as I want.

That’s really the best part. I don’t have to feel pressured into a beating a game, but instead I get to do things at my own pace, and enjoy the game that I’m playing instead of worrying about when it’s due.

Can keep the game if you like It!

So here is the really cool part. Let’s say that you have a game that you recently got, and you want to actually keep it for yourself. Maybe the game is so good that you’ll be playing it again and again, or maybe you realized that you’re super good at that fighting game and you want to keep it for yourself, well guess what? You totally can!

The cool thing about Gamefly is that they’re working with gamers, and for those who love movies as well. If you want to keep something, you totally can. All you have to do is the following:

• Find the game you enjoy and like it
• Tell them that you like it and want to keep it
• Buy it for a used price

They won’t even charge you full retail price if you want to keep something! It is a lot cheaper in some cases than GameStop is too, so I’m saving myself a ton of money in the long run. That’s honestly what I love about it, it’s the fact that they care about you to the point where you’re not actually being forced to shell out a ton of money for a game, but instead, if you like it, keep it. If you thought that it sucked, well that’s fine, return it and get another game.

You can do the following with this as well:

• Rent one game at a time
• Rent two games at a time

Personally, I like having one at a time. Keeps me less distracted and I am way more focused on finishing the one game. Two can be too many for me sometimes. But, the truth is, I actually feel like I am playing way more games with this, and that’s what’s so nice about it as well. I feel like I’m getting more done, I’m happier, and this service is totally what I needed.

The Fee Is Cheap!

Also, the fee is super cheap. One thing that I noticed wit a lot of rental services is the following:

• You pay way too much for a small period of time
• The late fees you accrue are ridiculous

These two things were definitely noticed the first time I used a video rental serviced in the past. But, Gamefly does actually care about the customers, to the point where when I do rent stuff, I don’t feel like I’m paying all that much for them. The rental fee for this is monthly, which ends up being way cheaper than it would ever be from a video rental store. And the fact that there aren’t any late fees definitely does add to the bonuses of this.

Free Trial

Plus, you can even start with a free trial for a month. If you do end up liking it, then you can totally sign up for more time with this. Gamefly is just a really nice service, and it’s a monthly rental service, so you just have to choose the titles, play them, and then bring them back once you’re done. and the best part, is that you don’t have to feel pressured into beating anything, but instead can enjoy the games that you want to enjoy.

If you’re ready to have over 9000 different titles at your disposal, and you want to take advantage of this service, then now is the time to act. You can start your free trial with this right away.

Sign up here for your Free 30 Day Trial

You can then check out the array of games that this has to offer, and you’ll be able to sign up and try some great games. Do so now, and once you choose a couple of games, they’ll show up at your door a few days later, and then you can take advantage of them and play them right away, without having to worry about getting it done, or any late fees that might be associated with other services that are out there.

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