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How to Speed Up Your Slow Smartphone

Do You Have a Slow Smartphone?

Have you noticed that your phone is just running super slow? Like, you want to open up a tab, and it takes forever for it to do so? Perhaps you’ve noticed that when you do look at various apps, they tend to feel like they’re going at a turtle’s pace? Well, that’s because there is something stopping your phone from performing at optimal speed, and this article will tell you exactly how you can fix this mess. How you ask? Well, you’re about to find out.

Run Tests first

In order to fix your smartphone and make it run faster, you first need to run some tests on it. That’s because you want to look at the problem that’s happening. You’ll want to look at the following when identifying the proper reason why your phone is running too close:

– The CPU loader
– The network traffic
– The WIFI, the GPU
– The RAM

All of these factors can in some way or another cause your phone to run super slow, and you’ll want to make sure the tests are done first. You should ideally use the Trepn Profiler to take a look at all of this, seeing the data, and from there, identify how to fix it.

Free up Storage Space

You might notice immediately that the reason why your phone is slow is because of the space, or lack thereof, on there. Various different things take up space on your phone, including the following:

– Photos
– Videos
– Applications

You should immediately look at all of these and from thee, go to the applications tab and choose which ones you want to uninstall. You should do this with any apps that you feel like you don’t need.

You also want to check out the downloads tab too. Simply go to the storage area, check out the downloads, and then choose everything that you feel like you want to remove and then delete them.

Another thing to look out for is cached data, which is data that is cached in order to make things run faster. While yes, it does run faster, it also causes you to run out of space too, so it might not be super helpful. You should look at what is making your computer slow, and free up the cached data that might be present as well.

There are also other files that you should look at too, including:

– Miscellaneous files
– Bluetooth backups
– Playlist files

And so on. make sure to remove these too and look as well when doing the diagnosis to see how much space you do have left.


Don’t Use a Ton of Widgets

One thing that many tend to forget when they’re looking to see why their phone is slow, are the widgets. These are various elements that often are used to make our life easier, but often most get relegated to the background. This is actually a problem because of the following:

– You end up forgetting about them
– You end up making them all run at once
– You end up with a phone running way too much all at once

Now, this doesn’t mean you should leave all widgets and never touch them again. Of course not. What you want to do, is instead only run the ones that you need, and work to avoid those that you don’t need, and become selective. You might not even realize this, but it does tend to come forward, and it’s hidden, but it can majorly slow your phone down.

Another nice thing about this, is that if you do have apps as well that are ding this, you can, with the newest phone, actually have them automatically put to sleep if you don’t use them for a period of time. Sometimes we might use a widget once or twice, but after a day, you phone will automatically shut these off so you don’t have to worry. It’s so simple, and yet, so very effective as well.


Disable Unnecessary Animations

Do you ever have a phone app that has animations, or maybe like a really sweet background that’s looking great, but it might have animations that are running in the background. While these special effects might look great, it’s best to just disable any of these extra functions. While they might look cool, it’s not worth the battery loss and the speed that your phone will suffer from because of this.

Close Down Some Apps

Apps are probably the main reason why your phone is probably running super slow, next to data of course. You never realize it, but did you know that you could be running as many as twenty plus apps at the same time. This has a huge impact on performances. While most of us do run these for multitasking reasons, you definitely should be careful with this, since it can impact the performance.

For various reasons, consider turning off the following apps:

– Apps you don’t need
– Having a whole bunch of apps instead of one solid app
– Apps that you’re no longer sing but want to keep on there

To get rid of these, you can press the key and get rid of them. For the Android phones, you press the left tab and then close all of them, and for iPhones, you should hold the home button down until they all start to pulsate, and from there, choose the apps that you don’t need currently, and they can soon magically go away.

Another thing to do is to clear up the background processes by clearing the memory. To do this, go to the section on your phone that involves RAM, and from there press the button that says Clear Memory and from there you will shut down every background process that you’re not using.

Restart it

Probably the simplest solution is really to just restart the device. You might wonder why you should even worry about doing that. After all, isn’t it a much bigger fix. Well that’s not the case. In fact, you actually could fix all of the major issues with your phone with this. Remember, when in doubt, you restart an electronic, and that’s the way to go.

It also can do certain other things too, including the following:

– Automatically close various tabs that already were open
– Stop the background processes
– Allow for software updates that might be holding it back to happen
– Cause the phone to fix itself automatically

You’ve probably dealt with restarting appliances and such before, but by doing this, you’ll be able to essentially reset your smartphone, allowing for a faster, better response time.

Check for Software Updates

Software updates are some of the most annoying things, but they are important for your phone. This is a way to help give your phone the best performance as well. It also does help with other problems as well, including:

– Bug fixing
– Performance enhancements
– New features

All of these can help with your device’s operation. However most of the time, we tend to just swipe those to the side and not actually do anything about it, but it actually can dramatically affect the overall performance of your phone.
With this, you should definitely update your phone. It typically doesn’t take more than a few minutes, or about thirty when it comes to huge updates, but it definitely is something that you should consider if you’re thinking about speeding up your phone, since it can help.

With the software updates, you should always make sure that you have the latest version of this on there, and you should also make sure that you’ve got space on your phone as well. often, if you don’t have the space for it, you might have trouble updating the software. Do this beforehand, and you’ll definitely be way happier in the long run.
If you’re not able to download right away, you can postpone it and even schedule the updates if you so desire. Do consider this option if you’re not able to do the download right away and need a bit of time.

Optimizing Chrome

Chrome is something that most users use, and for those that are trying to speed up an Android, it can help immensely with mobile browsing. It also will save you a ton of data too if you’re someone that is on a limited phone data plan.
So what’s data saver mode? Well, it does the following to help improve your browsing speed.

– Compress pages by 30 percent when viewing
– Compress up to 50% for video

So what does this mean for you? Well, it can reduce the data usage by a lot, and because of the compression, it allows for data browsing that’s much faster, and way more efficient.

So how do you do this? Well, you simply need to follow the steps below in order to do it:

– Go to chrome
– Tap the upper right corner menu where the overflow is located
– Go to the settings tab
– Tap the data saver function
– Toggle it to change this in order to have it save data

This in turn will help you speed up your browsing immensely, and make it way faster for you as well.

Going Deeper

If you notice that even with all of this you’re still struggling, you can start looking directly at what is causing it by looking at the following:

– Battery usage
– The RAM usage
– Developer Options

With each of these you can look and modify your phone if you feel like it needs some help. You can check out the battery and save the power by force closing the apps.

You can change the RAM usage by going to the app manager and checking it out
The developer options are what will show you the stats of the process, and you can enable this and make sure that you use it in order to see exactly what is going on.

The Last resort

So you’ve tried all of the above, but you’re still working with a slow phone. Well, it might be time for you to do a factory reset. This is something that can help fix a lot of the issues, but you have to keep a couple of things in mind:

– It will wipe out everything, including apps, pictures, videos, etc. That you have on your phone
– It’ll also restore it to the condition that it was in the second that you got it

While it might be something that you might not want to do, if you’ve used all of the other options, and you want something, you’ll do this. It can help get rid of the leftover buggy software that might be there, along with any sorts of buggy codes that might be halting the way your phone is working.

Now, you will lose everything when you do this, which is something that might be concerning, but you can do a backup beforehand in order to prevent you from fully losing everything. After that, you will want to factory reset the device.

Typically, if you follow all of these, you’ll be able to speed up your device and prevent it from getting clogged. You definitely will want to check it out, since it can really help you out.

Having a slow phone stinks. But often, it’s because you have something else causing it to be like this. If that’s the case, you need to follow these instructions, and begin to work on changing the state of your phone. By speeding it up, preventing it from getting slow again, and helping your phone out, you’ll be able to make it run way better, and not only that, keep it around for way longer as well, which in turn will give it a much longer life to run for you.

But if you are in need for a Good Affordable Smartphone head over to our article on the Blu S1

Mecca of Tech Blu S1 Review

The Blu S1 Smartphone: A Worthwhile investment

I recently broke my phone, and it was pretty annoying. Unfortunately, I didn’t have warranty on it, and I needed something fast. My whole business is done on my phone, and I felt like I was totally out of luck. Luckily though, I managed to get the Blu S1 factory unlocked phone, and it totally saved my bacon. It’s a great phone, and one that I highly recommend.

Works with many Major Retailers

Probably the best part of this is the fact that it works with a lot of various networks and providers. Here are but a few of the compatible phone companies that this works with:

  • Sprint
  • Boost mobile
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • GSM

I was luckily on an AT&T network, so I was able to hook it up with my current provider, and I was able to get the help that I needed. Best of all, it’s not too expensive either, with the retail value being under 200 dollars. That’s a whole lot cheaper than some of the other phones that they offer. Another cool thing is that it comes fast too. It was so fast, that I didn’t have to go too long without a phone.

I basically live on my phone, and not having one can totally screw me up. But this is great, and it’s unlocked, so it works with a lot of different varieties of phone services, helping you get a phone that you need fast.

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