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The Best Over The Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

What the Best Most Popular Headphones You Can Buy Right Now?

One thing that I look for when it comes to headphones is how much it cancels noise. When I throw them on, I expect them to cancel out the sounds. But often, you don’t get that. However, I’ve found three of the top headphones, and why I like each of them, along with a comparison on each of these headphones in relation to one another.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear

Now, these are my favorite, and for a good reason. Here are a couple of the generalized specs of them, and then I’ll go into detail on each of these features.

  • They’re super comfy
  • 30 hours of play time
  • Has Bluetooth compatibility
  • Protein padded earpads
  • Noise cancelling
  • Deep base response
  • Built in microphone
  • Durable and lightweight

Now, these are the best in terms of noise cancelling technology. I travel a whole lot, and frankly, I like to have something that drowns out the din of the trains, people, and the like. But, this one comes with advanced active noise technology, which will quell literally everything, so you can focus on the videos, movies, or whatever you’re listening to. It’s really nice, and I know it works cause I don’t hear anything, and still get great sound.

These can also be either wired or wireless, although I personally prefer the wireless on these. But the fact that it’s giving you the option is pretty nice.

The drivers on these are larger-aperture ones, and you’ll be getting super deep base and crisp sound. Seriously, the sound quality on this is great, and the fact that the noise cancellation on this is superb as well, means that you’ll be getting high quality sounds and without any extra additions to this. I’ve had these for a while, and frankly, they’re great, to the point where I never even have to worry about other noises. I literally don’t hear anything.

The microphone in this is great too, and it picks up sound as well. I make a lot of calls with these on, and frankly, I hate holding my phone to my ear constantly while I work, or even dealing with any of that this is very convenient, and you get a really stable connection as well. I’ve never had a dropped call with these earphones.

Plus, they feel super comfortable as well. I don’t even feel like I have them on. They have swiveling earcups, that are durable and comfortable, and they fit around your ear, so you can wear them for hours. I do like to use them constantly when I want to listen or make calls, but they definitely feel comfy. It’s advised to take them off every few hours, but these definitely feel so good that I almost forget.

Finally, there is the battery life. Now, the bitterly life on this is definitely solid. I have had no issues with it, and with 30 hours of playtime, means that you don’t have to charge them that much. I can go on a business trip, and I’m able to use these for the whole trip without having to charge them. If you’re one that loves to travel, and hates how you have to bring chargers for your headphones, then I certainly recommend them.

Now, the price tag isn’t that bad on these either. I was expecting to pay more, but this wasn’t half bad. Plus, with what you’re getting, and how comfy they are, I do totally recommend them. It’s great because when you have something that cancels out all the noise, it makes a world of a difference, and it’s something I recommend.

For those of us that constantly use headphones, I highly recommend these ones, and they’re my favorite thus far.


Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset

These are my second favorite of the recent headphones that have come out, and I will say, that out of the three, these are the best in terms of price, so if price is what you’re looking for, then it might be a good one to consider. Now, here are a few features that are worth noting, especially if you’re using these for noise cancellation.

  • Great passive noise isolating
  • Doesn’t drain battery as much
  • They’re comfy
  • A 13 hr. battery for music and 15 hours for talking
  • Built in microphone
  • Foldable design
  • Comes with a nice bag

I will say that these are good, and I definitely do recommend them if they’re within your budget, but there are a few design flaws that are worth pointing out. However, these are still amazing headphones, and I love them.

Now, the sound quality is great on these, and I do have to say that in terms of sound, these definitely won’t let you down. However, the biggest problem with these, is that they are passive noise isolating. What does that mean? Well, it means that it doesn’t totally drain all of the noise out. So if you’re easily distracted by noise, this can be a bit of a problem. It doesn’t totally get rid of anything, but it also doesn’t mess with the sound or battery. It’s still got a nice sound quality to it, with a Hi-Fi sound and a nice driver as well. Now, if sound quality is the one thing you’re looking for, then I highly recommend these ones, because they’re great. Just as a note though, you might want to consider different options if you’re looking to completely muffle the sound.

In terms of comfort, these are nice. It comes with an ear cushion that feels like human texture, and it does well to imitate that, I have to say. I don’t really feel like taking these off except when I have to. The steel slider doesn’t jam into your head either, which I hate with a lot of other earphones, so these are solid.

The battery life is pretty good as well, but again it’s half the amount of the first one, so if you’re going on long trips, you might need to bring an extra charger or something, which was kind of another major complaint I had with this in comparison to the first one. I hate bringing tons of chargers.

As for the mic, it’s pretty good. But, you can only use this in the wireless setting, so if you’re using it wired, you’re basically out of luck when it comes to using the microphone. However, the Bluetooth is pretty good with it, and the connection is stable. You have to stay within 33 feet of whatever it’s connected to, but that’s not bad.

The design is one of the major plus points in this. lots of earphones are bulky, and that is something I don’t like. This set of earphones is foldable, so it will fit into bags and cases. That’s one of my favorite points of this. They fit really well in my carrying cases when I go on trips, and they nestle perfectly in the desk. It definitely is nice.

Now, I will say that if you have a bigger head, it might be kind of tight. However, it does help with sound leakage. Overall, they’re pretty good, and they do the job well. Now, I personally prefer the first ones, but they certainly get the job done, and the price isn’t too terrible. They also come in a lot of pretty colors too if that’s something you enjoy including:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green

If colors are your thing, this is certainly worth trying out.



Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

Now, out of the three I’ve shared, these are probably my least favorite. They aren’t bad, but there are a couple of factors there. They are the following:

  • Price
  • If you want to charge in car, you need a separate charger

However, if you are looking for solid headphones, they do the job, and they have great features including the following:

  • They completely reject noise
  • They work with virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana
  • They’re the best in terms of professional wireless headphones
  • You can adjust the noise to suit environment
  • Has a volume equalizer to help give you the best sound
  • Bluetooth capability
  • 20 hours of wireless playtime, and up to 40 hours wired

One thing of note, is the sound on this is really good, probably some of the best. The volume equalizer is honestly one of the best out there. That means that the volume actually will naturally adjust itself, so you’re not getting any feedback or the like when you’re using these outside. If you’re in an airplane, in the city, or wherever, you don’t have to worry about sound quality or the like. That’s one of the best parts of this, and it definitely does it justice the sound quality is one that you can trust, and for the price that you pay for them, they do the job.

Now, the cool thing about these is that you can connect them to an app in order to improve the functionality of these. Instead of pressing a ton of buttons in order to ensure that you’re getting the noise cancellation, you can connect these to your app, and adjust the cancellation there. There are also some neat personalization options, and you can connect to the Bluetooth system as well. There are software updates this one gets too, which are nice, so you’re getting the best product possible when you buy these.

For those of us that are wanting to upgrade from one set of headphones to another, this might be a fitting upgrade. However, my biggest problem with these, and it’s a major flaw in a lot of Boise headphones, not just these but other series, is that they don’t last, in that they break down pretty badly after a while. The sound in some versions of this is definitely debatable as well. The noise cancellation is definitely good though, so if you’re buying them for the noise cancellation do so. However, they do tend to break down, and it often causes a bit of issues in terms of the quality that you’re getting, so keep that in mind.

Personally, I didn’t have too many issues with these. Out of the three, these lasted the least. They had major issues down the road, and honestly, I would say that they’re good, but if you’re not willing to fork over the money for this, it might not be something to consider. However, they are solid otherwise, and they definitely do a great job with the noise cancellation. Plus, since it is controlled by an app, you actually have way more freedom, and you’re not screwing around with buttons, which I found to be a plus. They do cancel noise amazing well and they definitely, if you’re considering an upgrade from either a Beats or a previous model of these, they’re worth a shot. However, out of the three, these were my least favorite, but they certainly do a way better job than a lot of those on the market.

With all of these, there are two different factors that you need to consider and they are:

  • Sound quality
  • The amount of noise cancelling

All three of these have different levels of this, and I felt like while all were solid, these are various factors that should be considered. If you’re looking to upgrade headphones though, I highly recommend each of these. Having a good pair of headphones is often a great thing to have, and it definitely is worth upgrading if you must. These are my three favorite headphones, and some of the good and not so great things about them. Keep that in mind if you’re considering trying to get some, along with a few of the good, and problematic functions of each of them, including the two major factors you definitely want to consider.

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